Letter of Intent Ruby Gardens signed

Wednesday 2 September the Letter of Intent for Ruby Gardens in Amsterdam was signed. Vastint Netherlands celebrated this milestone in the preparational work together with the municipality.

The next milestones to look forward to are the approvals of the Preliminary and Final Design. And the start of demolition obviously, which is foreseen for 2022.

Ruby Gardens

Vastint Netherlands is planning to demolish the existing greatly outdated office building at Hullenbergweg 1-3 and to develop 20,000 m2 of high class office space, 10,000 m2 residential space (102 rental apartments), an underground parking garage of 5,000 m2 and public amenities on the ground floor.

The ground floor will offer a lot of convenience with shared facilities such as a restaurant, informal workspaces, coffee bar and meeting rooms, much alike ‘The Lounge’ concept which is applied in other Vastint projects. The amenities are accessible for the general public, with a focus on the tenants of the neighbouring building of 20,000 m2, also owned by Vastint Netherlands. The future communal garden will connect the two projects.

Ruby Gardens is situated in an area which is going to be extensively redeveloped and densified in the near future, transforming the area from a monofunctional office location to a new multifunctional, mainly residential area. Approximately 10.000 apartments and supporting facilities (schools, supermarkets, shops, etc.) will be added in multiple developments in the upcoming years.

The Lounge

The Lounge concept is currently under development. It offers tenants an additional place for meetings, small-scale seminars and focused work in dedicated meeting and focus rooms. Tenants can enjoy relaxing, working and networking amongst colleagues and other tenants. The area has a lounge atmosphere; hospitable, warm, cosy, welcoming, well thought out and functional. A platform to connect people, to build a community.